Bed and Breakfast in Rome Italy

Staying at a bed and breakfast in Rome can be a great choice. Be aware though that there is an extremely wide range of bed and breakfasts in Rome. If you are looking for a quality accommodation, it can be difficult to find the right one without a big surprise upon your arrival.

European destinations have become so expensive in recent years that hotel prices look like double the North American rates. It will be a pleasant surprise that you can find a charming accommodation for a lot less than what you will pay at one of the hotels in Rome.

Most of the properties are private residences in some of the best locations at much lower rates than you would expect. Staying in a bed and breakfast in Rome you will find the rates run around EU70-EU160 based on location and facilities. These prices are fully inclusive of breakfast, applicable taxes and service charges.

There are also a number of un-hosted apartments, mostly in the heart of the city and close to the nightlife of Rome. These apartments can accommodate between 2 and 6 people in the same party and come either with a full kitchen or a small kitchenette. Apartment rates run between EU125-EU350.

The benefit of staying in a bed and breakfast in Rome is that you can experience the authentic social and cultural experience of meeting Italians at home. This experience sets Bed and Breakfasts apart from the hotel package or just a cheap place to rest spend the night. Thes charming hosts are willing to share their local knowledge with you. It's like having a personal guide to the city included in the price!

Things to think about before booking a Bed and Breakfast in Rome

To make your stay as comfortable as possible, you should understand some of the differences between expensive full-service hotels and private family homes that offer bed & breakfast in the original European style.

Bed & Breakfast properties in Europe are not the same as in North America, where B&B has become increasingly associated with country inns, with housekeepers, staff and often with an in-house restaurant.

In Italy these properties are known as "casali" in the countryside and as "residence" in cities.

Many Bed and Breakfasts in Rome are private family homes, often in older buildings, sometimes several hundred years old and consequently may have smaller rooms than you are used to at home or at modern hotels.

Other features you should not expect are air conditioning or elevators unless they are specifically mentioned. You will find that our top-rated homes have attached "en-suite" bathrooms, just like a master bedroom. However at a number of these homes the private bathrooms, which are for your use only, may be adjacent to your room or a few steps away along the corridor.

An obvious, but often overlooked, difference between hotels and staying at private family homes is that of service. Be aware that there is no desk clerk on duty to await your arrival, so it is vital that the family knows what time to expect you.

The worst possible way to start your visit is to arrive unexpectedly and find no-one at home to greet you. Make sure that you give the Bed and Breakfast your details as well as your relevant flight information.

The reward is well worth the effort, as you will find lovely homes and charming hosts waiting to help you feel at home in Rome. You will be given a key to their home and this is a courtesy that should be respected, so if you return late at night, please be considerate of other guests or the host family. The rooms are regularly serviced, varying from home to home, but there is no "room service". You are staying "in famiglia" not at a full-service hotel.

The real plus on the service side, is that you will be staying with hosts who really know their neighborhood and can give you the best independent advice about places to eat, shop and visit, unlike hotel staff who don’t live locally and don’t know about these things.

We decided to do some research to find some of the best bed and breakfast in Rome for you. We want your experience in Rome to be welcoming and enjoyable.

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