The Bioparco Zoo Is Located In The Famous Borghese Park

The Bioparco Zoo in Rome is located in Villa Borghese Park. It's one of the oldest zoos in Europe (founded 1911), but in the mid-1990s was improved from a zoo of cages to a biological garden of natural habitat enclosures. It primarily houses endangered species and injured animals that are being rehabilitated to return to the wild.

The Biorparco zoo is a great place to spend time wandering around looking at lions, tigers, camels, bears, zebras, giraffes, etc. It's also worth while taking a look at the reptile house. It's themed around "Furti di Natura" (thefts from nature). The display begins with a short film on the theme, which is shown inside a mock airplane. Then follows the chance to see an exhibition of endangered animals and animal products which have been confiscated in and around Rome over the years. The most impressive of these is certainly Mario, a crocodile who was rescued from a Rome apartment where he was being kept in the bathtub as a pet.

Our daughters favorite animal exhibit at the Bioparco zoo is the raised Giraffe Terrace. This is where you can look the long-necked animals right in the eye. Another is the Lion enclosure, this is where you will see the King of the Jungle or his beloved Queen, separated by a sturdy sheet of shatterproof glass. The bear-compound is half-submerged pool where the bears bathe and cool off in the hot summer heat. Another amazing sight is the Bengali specimens stand just a few feet away in an open space. The invisible ravine that prevents visitors from being dinner for the felines creates an impressive (scary) effect. Another fun area is the watching all the monkey's playing together in their huge in ground play area.

For the children there is a petting zoo, a playground that has a huge ark that the children can play in, a merry go round , a theatre and other attractions available at certain times - see their website (below, right) for current details.

It's in the northeast corner of the park; take Tram 19 to "Bioparco." It's open daily 9:30am to 5pm (to 4pm Oct 25–Mar 26), staying open until 6pm on weekends Apr 2–Sep 25.

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