Hostels In Rome - Here Are Some Recommendations

There are many Hostels in Rome. If you are looking for some suggestions we've put down a few that we would recommend to you. There definitely are some really good one's out there and also so bad. We hope that you will find this information helpful and that you enjoy Rome as much as we do.

La Controra Hostels In Rome

This Hostel is new and clean, nicely decorated and in excellent location. Within easy walking distance to Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona and Colosseum. Also just 10 minutes walk from Termini Station. Staff are lovely and the area feels safe. The only downside is that noise and voices from other rooms/common area on first floor travelled upstairs.

Hotel Lodi

This hostel has very good reviews. It's been said that this hostel has such nice staff and it is said that the breakfast is better than average. The price is fair . One disadvantage of hostel is that it is a bit far away from the metro station (about 10-15min). Just make sure you have a good map or gps to help guide you around town.

Orsa Maggiore- Hostels in Rome for women only

If you are a travelling woman and are looking for a hostel in Rome; this one is located in a beautiful part of town. Trestevere which is easy to get to the main sights from. The staff are friendly and helpful and the internet has high speed.

One of the nice things about this hostel is that it doesn't have any bunk beds. It also has a lockable wardrobe in each room. The free breakfast is very simple. It's quiet and restful and comfortable.

Funny Palace Hostel

The staff are friendly and helpful. Welcome glass of wine which is a nice touch. The internet has a fast connection. The hostel is very clean and is located 100 meters from the Termini train station. Which makes it a great location if you are travelling by train to other cities within Italy.

Mosaic Hostel- Via Cernaia 39B, Rome

This hostel has an overall good reputation as far as hostels in Rome go. The staff are known to be very kind, respectful and ready to help their guests. Be aware that many of the beds aren't very long. If you are taller than 1.0 m; be aware you might feel crammed in. Guests are given a map of the city when they arrive at hostel. This location is perfect with access to the metro station and walking distance to Piazza della Repubblica.

Carlito's Way- Via Villafranca 10, Rome

This hostel is known for its warm hospitality by its staff and charming old style charm. The bathroom and bed rooms are clean. However it is said to be located in a sketchy area; just be cautious after dark. Its located near the Termini bus terminal which is convenient for travelers.

Papa Germano

There are many hostels in Rome near the Termini station. This one is a 5 minute walk from it. It's been completely renovated with modern furniture and a common room to gather in. It has 30 minutes of free internet service. This hostel does however have an age restriction. One for travelers 45 and younger. Breakfast is not included and costs 5 Euro a person.

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