Piazza Navona Is Our Favourate Piazza In Rome

Piazza Navona Is our favourate Piazza in Rome. With its surrounding narrow streets we always find this area awe-inspiring.

The Piazza has 3 beautiful fountains but the one in the centre is the most spectacular. It is Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers (the Ganges, Danube, della Plata, and Nile), erected in 1651. Throughout the Piazza you will see and hear musicians, see all types of artists. This is a popular gathering place for the locals as well as the tourists.

What Is The History?

The Piazza is a long oval square that is located in the historic center of Rome. In the year 86AD, here was the Stadium of Domitian with sport competitions and great chariot races. It was 54 meter width, 276 meter long and had a capacity of 30.000 spectators.

Where Is It Located?

Piazza Navona is close to a main street (Corso V. Emanuele II) and about 10 minutes walking from the Pantheon. Metro station 'Colosseo' (line B) is nearby.

Christmas Time Is a Fantastic Time To Go

Christmas time is a wonderful time of year to go and explore the Christmas markets in Navona. Our daughter was so excited when she saw the old time Carousel in the Piazza. We were so impressed with the amount of vendors selling Christmas decorations, nativity scene and artistic gifts.

The Christmas Market also offers interesting seasonal food items and Italian Christmas cuisine specialties as well as souvenirs. When you get into the center of the piazza stop for a dose of Christmas cheer.

You will find all the old time carnival things – carnival games, cotton candy, candy apples, porchetta sandwiches, enormous 3 euro donuts (called ciambelle maxi), and plenty of gifts for sale. The market is open all day every day for the duration of the holiday season.

The Rome Epiphany happens on the night between 5th and 6th of January; the young and old gather here to witness the arrival of `La Befana'.

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