Are You Wondering What the Rome Italy Weather Forecast Will Be Like?

You will find that the Rome Italy weather really varies. We've put together some of the weather conditions that you can expect when visiting Rome Italy. You will find out that in the Spring, Summer and Fall are the times when the Sun is shining the most. However in the winter months this Eternal City has a lot of rain. Here is some information about the weather in Rome.

The Spring is one of the best times to visit Rome as far as the weather is concerned. The weather is beautiful and comfortable. Many of the trees are full in bloom with beautiful flowers. It's so nice to leisurely stroll through the center of Rome and see the beautiful sites.

In the summer months (July and August) you will find that the weather here is almost too unbearably hot at times. Many of the locals leave the city in August because of the extreme heat. Make sure that if you visit Rome this time of year to bring lots of sunscreen, a sun hat and have bottled water with you.

September and October are also very desirable times to visit Rome. The weather is very comfortable and the evenings are very nice however this period the first rains are expected and with them the beginning of a decrease in temperature.

November through February are the months where Rome sees the most rain. There are times when it will rain solid for a few months. Make sure if you choose to visit Rome this time of year that you bring an umbrella with you.

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