Rome Nightlife Tips and Helpful Information

Are you wondering what the Rome nightlife is all about? Well in Rome it tends to start early and can end very late because the Roman's enjoy spending so much time outdoors. They often will start around 6pm; go to a wine bar for a couple of glasses of wine then find a restaurant after 8pm.

There are some great Pubs In Rome to check out. If you are looking for an Irish style bar; there are a few good one's to be found.

Roman's tend to eat much later than the North American's do. Most restaurants don't open their doors until 7:3pm. After dinner they are ready for some Rome Nightlife. You will notice that most men and women in Rome do make an effort to look their very best for a night out.

You will find that the Romans really love the many Irish (pseudo Irish) pubs. The Romans are very fond of them and you will notice them almost in every popular area.

The traffic doesn't slow down at night and it can get chaotic especially around the main nightlife zones. One thing to know is that many Roman night clubs will shut down during the summer months. They are often replaced summer spots and festivals by the Tiber river.

The Rome Nightlife Includes Bars, Pubs and Clubs

Nightclubs can be found all throughout the city. The higher concentrated areas are around Campo de Fiori, Piazza Navona, Trastevere and Testaccio.

There are also Pub Crawls available to venture out on. These are evenings out where you visit approximately 3-5 bars, you receive drink tickets for each bar you go to. It can get a little wild! If you are looking to meet new people, get loaded and want to try something different-check it out.

The area around Piazza Navona and Via della Pace is very chic with wine bars and cafes that are surrounded with mazes of alleys.

Campo de Fiori is a great place to go before dinner for a glass of wine. After dinner you will find that this area is busting with young adults as this area has several American Colleges. This area is often a place people gather after the clubs for cappuccino after their Rome nightlife has ended.

Trastevere is known to have some of the best clubs in the city. Trastevere is a picturesque medieval place situated to the west bank of the Tiber. This area is a charming place to eat, relax or wander. The most famous place here is Piazza Santa Maria, which dates back to the third century. This church is known as the oldest historic site in the city. This street is an ideal place to make a home base, though at times the winding streets can be slightly confusing.

San Lorenzo is where the main University is located. You will find many students in this area. This area is very informal but yet very lively. It's known to have several pubs to enjoy.

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