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We've decided to put together a page that will provide you some Rome Travel Tips & Suggestions that you will find useful. And these tips will save you some money and also some grief. We've been living in Rome for over a year now and we've had to find out these things on our own. Here are some Rome travel tips: shopping, dining, transportation, tipping and more.

Tipping In Rome.

This is a topic that people wonder about all the time. The rule for tipping in Italy is that you are not expected to tip services such as taxi rides, dinner in a pizzeria or coffee in the cafe's.

Many Italians will leave a tip at a very nice restaurant if the service was exceptional. Remember that you are probably paying a supplement through the cover charge or service charge on your restaurant bill. You may want to give a tip to your hotel porter for bringing your bags to your hotel room or a guide on a tour. Other than that we suggest not to tip.

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Rome Travel Tips For Transportation In Rome:

Public Transportation In Rome.

It's very important to be aware that you are required to buy your bus/tram tickets before boarding. Most bus stops will not have a ticket machine next to the stop. You will have to find a newspaper stand (edicola) or a tobacco shop (tabaccaio) to purchase your tickets.

If you are travelling on Sunday make sure you purchase your tickets the day before because you may find it difficult to find somewhere to purchase your tickets. When you get on the bus/tram make sure you validate your ticket in the machine inside. Rome runs on a honor system however there are random checks. If you are caught without a validated ticket you can expect a fine of EU50. And they expect you to pay on the spot.

Some Stores Are Closed In The Afternoon. In the busy tourist section (city center)of the city most stores will remain open. They will stay open until 9pm. However other areas of the city you will find that many will close up their shops at 1:30pm. Many will not open again until the following morning.

Be Aware That The Restaurants And Bars Have Specific Times

Most restaurants and bars have specific opening times, be aware that they will be closed in the afternoon. The best time to have lunch in Rome is between 12:30pm to 2pm. Try to eat when Italians eat. Dinner is a little different – Most restaurants will open at 7:30pm. If you are dining with a large group you will require a reservation.

Antoher very important Rome travel tips is: Always keep your receipt when you pay for anything, including a meal in a restaurant, until you have left the premises. The much feared Guardia di Finanzia (financial police) are very strict and you can be charged if you don’t have a receipt when you leave. So make sure you are given one (“Ricevuta, per favore” or “A receipt, please”) and hang on to it. The business can also be fined, so it’s in their interests for them to give you one.

A Rome Travel Tip In Regards To Customer Service:

Customer Service Is Not A Priority In Rome. The policy that we know in North America (The customer is always right); does not exist here in Rome. Most restaurants are understaffed. They don't try to get to know their clients at all, rarely ask if you would like a re-fill or ask how do you like the food? Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and try to flag down your waiter when you need something. You will not be given your check until you ask for it.


When ordering a pepperoni pizza in North America we get a pepperoni. However in Rome Pepperoni in Italian are bell peppers. So if you want hot salami on your pizza, don’t order a pizza with pepperoni order a pizza diavola or look for a pizza that has salame piccante as one of the ingredients.

Restaurant Menu's.

Most Italians don’t eat an antipasto, primo, secondo and dolce at every meal – you don’t have to, either. If you eat like this at every meal, you will definitely feel full! Feel free just to pick a primo or secondo for your lunch and maybe splurge at dinner with a more hearty meal.

Shopping For Fruit & Vegetables. Touching the fruit and vegetables at a street market or vendor is not acceptable. The people working in the stall will do everything for you. Also, it’s considered pretty rude to tell the person (fruttivendolo) exactly which fruit he should put in your bag.

Are you wondering what to pack?

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