Finding Transportation In Rome. - There Are Many Ways To Get Around This Amazing City.

There are many forms of transportation in Rome. Rome's buses, trams, subway and suburban railways are all part of an integrated system run by ATAC. The Metrobus tickets cover all of these forms of transportation. It's very important to purchase these tickets before you board because there are hefty fines if you don't, even for tourists.

There's also a private network of buses. Most of the main buses finish at the bus station outside Stazione Termini. At the bus station you can purchase a map which will give you all the routes of all the bus lines throughout the city. The city's Metro service (which is convenient for many of Rome's sights) has two lines, both of which go through Termini.

Buses run from various city bus stops to the Lazio region, Stazione Tiburtina and to other destinations throughout Italy. Euroline is the main carrier for other European destinations, leaving from opposite Tiburtina.

Driving in Rome can be very intimidating - especially on a motorbike or scooter. Roman drivers typically do not follow rules of the roads and you have to pay close attention to vehicles around you as you are likely to get cut off. Most roads do not have car lanes. This means that cars will try to squeeze in wherever they can.

The vast amount of motorcycle and scooter drivers will also weave through the cars to add to the mix. There are also several major intersections that do not have traffic control and drivers are left to fend for themselves. Most of the historic centre of Rome is closed to normal traffic, although you will be allowed to drive to your hotel, and but be aware that parking can be a nightmare.

If you'd rather leave the driving to someone else, you can pick up a taxi from one of the city's many taxi queues. You can also phone and even text for one any time of day. Be warned though, Rome taxis are infamously expensive. Be aware that when you call a cab, the meter is turned on as soon as you call and you are charged from the point where to cab is to where they pick you up rather than starting the meter at the pick up point. The historic centre of Rome is quite manageable on foot however make sure that you wear comfortable shoes.

Trains are a great way to see Italy

Transportation in Rome by train is fabulous. There are regular train connections to all the major cities in Italy and Europe from Termini station. Trains are comfortable and fast. The main road connecting Rome to the north and south of Italy is the Autostrada del Sole, which connects with the ring road circling the city. In this picture is myself and our youngest daughter. It was her first trip by train so she was very excited.

Here are some helpful tips to finding a taxi in the historic center of Rome:

•Rome taxi drivers have a preference to use taxi stands. You can flag a taxi down, but you won't find this as simple as in other cities in the world. Remember that the taxis meter will have already started.

•Official cabs are white, have a taxi sign mounted to the roof. It will also have an sign on the driver's door reading "Comune di Roma," and will have an official number and a meter. You want an official cab.

•There will be a fixed starting charge which will be more for late nights, Sundays and holidays. There will also be a charge for each bag that the cab driver handles.

•Any trip in the historic center (inside the Roman Walls) should show up as "Tariffa 1" on the meter. Territory outside the walls is defined as Tariffa 2, and is charged at a higher rate. Make sure the cab driver does not set the meter for Tariffa 2; if you are in central Rome.

Popular Taxi Stands: These are useful for the tourist in Rome

•Termini Station

•Piazza della Repubblica

•Piazza Venezia

•Largo Argentina

•Piazza Barberini

Finding a taxi at theTermini Station - A few important tips

The Taxi stand at Termini station is in front of the main entrance to the station in Piazza dei Cinquecento as you exit. Directly behind the taxi stand is the bus station.

As you move toward the station exit, and even as you near the taxi stand you will be approached by many different people asking in English if you need a taxi. Make sure that you DON'T go with these people. Many tourists have been ripped off by cabs (cash and bags) they find near Termini. We hope that these tips on transportation in Rome has been helpful to you.

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